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USHYEE will provide every underserved high school student an access point to a career that will fulfill their personal passion. 


USHYEE’s goal is to provide mentorship and real life experiences, so students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skillsets, knowledge and resources  needed for tomorrow's career choices.


USHYEE’s mission is to provide underserved high school students with extraordinary educational experiences which will spark their imagination and help them identify their passion.


U.S. Hispanic Youth Entrepreneur Education (USHYEE) was founded in 2004 in order to address the high school to college continuum for Hispanic youth. USHYEE introduces high school youth to various career paths and helps them understand their many career options. In late 2004, USHYEE and the Hispanic College Fund (HCF) partnered in order to bring a HCF program to Maryland. The program, the Hispanic Youth Symposium (HYS), was launched in Maryland at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in July of 2005. 


Since the success of the initial HYS program, USHYEE developed other programs including the Achieve Forum, USHYEE Student Chapters and the Latino / Black Student STEAM Summit, concentrating on Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Math (STEAM).  Our programs have been hosted at UMBC, Coppin University, Towson University, Johns Hopkins University the Naval Academy and many corporate locations.  USHYEE Student Chapters were also established at various high schools. 


"USHYEE has made a tremendous change and improvement to my life. Through the Hispanic Youth Symposiums I've learned how to interact with people how to make good impressions and how to make myself outstanding in today's society. What I've learned in USHYEE is not in any high school curriculum or program that i know of. USHYEE has given me team-work and leadership skills. USHYEE has made the biggest changes in student's minds like I've never seen before."



"You said something very simple to me, yet I feel it was a very powerful message that will stick with me for years. You and I spoke for a few minutes and it was brought up about starting a business. You then pulled a dollar out of your pocket and stared at me. Now at first I stared at the dollar in confusion, I did not know what you wanted. Then you told me to ask for the dollar. You said to me, "if you want something... All you need to do is ask. Ask for two!". Well I still have that dollar, and I do plan on saving it as a sentimental "first dollar made". For sending me this message I thank you sincerely. "


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"Before I had the opportunity to participate in the Maryland Hispanic Youth Symposium to tell you the truth I was not really thinking about college. I was getting bad grades and I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. Then I met three people that changed my life. They told me to sign up for the Maryland Hispanic Youth Symposium... After going though the symposium I realized that college is the future of a better life. I have since made a change for the best."


Student Highlight

The Latino / Black Student Leadership STEAM Summit

was inaugurated in 2013 and was the first program of its kind in Maryland. The three-day and two-night program included a robotics completion, leadership development workshops, cultural awareness seminars and college prep workshops. In addition, Latino and Black youth participants have the opportunity to participate in a talent show and a forum to discuss peer unity. Participants also engage in activities that encourage interaction and relationship development skills.

In order to further facilitate interaction, the participants are organized into familias or small family groups led by current college students and the familias live together for the entire program. These familias share meals together, debrief, and sleep in the same dormitories. The Summit 2.0 summer program will be take place twice during the summer and we envision a five day and four night event as funding becomes available. The two communities represented by these youth, have become an integral part of the cultural, economic, and political life of the region. Interaction and understanding between the youth of these diverse communities will lead to friendships and relationships and make Baltimore a stronger community.




Luis E. Borunda, Co-Founder


Roger A. Campos, Co-Founder

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